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Solving the Digital Journey in Healthcare

We help establish the Digital Presence for Healthcare establishments across Platforms.


As a Healthcare Provider, it is a requirement to develop a strong Digital Presence. We help you do that. 

We work for Doctors, Clinics, Testing Facilities and Hospitals.

Targeted Digital Marketing

Building a Strong Online Presence

Optimizing SEO and Content Marketing

Digital Branding

Utilising Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Leveraging Video Content

Battle Tested Funnels

Grow your local Patient Base

Effective Your Digital Presence

It is a known fact, that the first touch point for a patient looking for a medical help is digital. We are experts in establishing the digital presence of Medical Professionals across platforms using "Levers of Influence". They are carefully chosen and have immense power in making the mark for you as a Medical Practitioner in the Digital Landscape.

We leverage different levers as mentioned below that achieves the purpose. It is a mix of different marketing strategies coupled with conversion tactics and cognitive bias techniques that is used while building up your digital presence.

A well thought out digital presence works miraculously. On the contrary, a poorly executed digital asset creation can do more harm than good. We understand it.

"Levers of Influence" - The Tools we use for your Success

Brand Power

Establish your brand as a Medical Practitioner from the very onset

Focusing on Expertise

Highlight your expertise. Patients almost always want to find this out.

Generating Trust

Establish trust among your prospective patients.

Instilling Confidence

Establish the confidence to your prospective patients.

Value Generation

Prove the incredible value that is being delivered every time.

Digital Efficiency

Demonstrate your digital efficiency in your medical processes.

The Digital Platforms

As a Medical Practitioner, one can leverage various digital tools and platforms to establish the digital presence.

Google Business Profile

The foremost is the Google Business Profile (formerly "Google My Business") feature - the free listing service from Google. A powerful tool to reach out but in most cases the least optimized.


Next, is your website. This is the most important digital asset and should be carefully developed and using different marketing strategies coupled with conversion tactics and cognitive bias techniques. 

Social Medial Platforms

The third consist of the various Social Media Platforms that we can use to our Advantage. 

In all these cases, we liberally use the "Levers of Influence" to gain maximum benefit from the digital assets.

Video Platforms

YouTube is a powerful platform for Healthcare professionals and establishments to gain visibility and establish brand.

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General Medicine
Radiology/ Pathology

Let us work for you - strategically for all your digital need.

We have designed various packages based on the individual  digital journey of the Medical Practitioners.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Whether you already have your digital assets published, or want us to create them for you, we have a plan.

The Digital Platforms 

Google Business Profile

"More Consumers use Google to evaluate local Businesses than ever before. In 2021, 81% did, but the year before that, just 63% did"

“Your website is your asset. This is a tool that must generate revenue for you. Build your brand for the long term. Generate trust among your audience. And above all should be conversion optimized.”

“Social Media can be used as a powerful tool to connect with your audience on a daily basis. The Social Media Platforms provide the opportunity to make an impact.”

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