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We help establish the Digital Presence of Medical Professionals by creating assets across Digital Platforms. Our primary focus remains with Google Business Profile, Website and Social Media platforms. Our objective is to create assets that is optimized for conversion - in simple terms, assets that generates more revenue for you.

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Create a Optimized Google Business Profile

We create optimized Google Business Profile that helps in conversion. There is a lot more that goes in  Google Business Profile than just listing the details. 

The Google Business Profile should help to establish credibility and trust at the very start. It should enforce your brand image over the long term. From carefully chosen media content to bringing in a wider perspective, we provide a differential service in creating your Google Business Profile. From using the " Levers of Influence" to using Cognitive Bias tools, you get a optimized profile that works for you 24 X 7.

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A Conversion Optimized Website

We create website for you with the primary focus of conversion and your goals. Your website should be able to convert a visitor into a customer. This is all about creating the right content, carefully choosing  media files that goes in the website along with a modern design that works together,

We focus on various aspects like the specialization, the skills, the services offered, past success stories, testimonials and other features that makes your site conversion optimized. 

Working dedicatedly for Medical Professionals has an added advantage for you. We understand your goals and requirements better.

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Social Media 

Social Media plays an important role for Medical Practitioners as well. When used strategically, it is great tool to connect with your audience and engage them on a continuous basis. 

We will maintain and manage your Social Media accounts that is curated for your specific requirements. 

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